Home Health Care News April 15, 2021
Joyce Famakinwa

Seniors overwhelmingly prefer to age in place. That preference has only grown following the COVID-19 pandemic and a general shift toward home-based care, making home safety more important than ever.

But for a home to be safe for seniors and caregivers alike, it must adhere to building best practices, including universal design. Broadly, universal design provides a framework for designing products and spaces in order to ensure accessibility and safety for people, regardless of age, physical ability or other factors.

“Universal design emphasizes equitable use and low physical effort,” Rosemarie Rossetti, president of Rossetti Enterprises, told Home Health Care News. “It’s a great way to look at good design right from the beginning, so that if people have a temporary...

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Topics: Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Post-Acute Care, Provider, Public Health
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