Pharmacy Times March 3, 2022
Tom Knight

While staffing challenges mean health leaders may have to shift priorities and resources, one area where we shouldn’t scale back is in our efforts to mitigate health care drug diversion.

As any health care leader can attest, the stress of COVID-19, clinical staffing shortages, and burnout have taken a measurable toll on hospitals, impacting operations and patients in unforeseen ways, from elective-surgery scheduling postponements to prolonged emergency department wait times.

Ratios of clinicians to patients are becoming even more strained.

Retirements, staff layoffs stemming from vaccine mandates, plus cuts in staffing due to workers testing positive, have led to a rush to hire temporary nurses and other clinicians to handle the current surge in hospitalizations. As of January 9, nearly...

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Topics: Healthcare System, Physician, Provider, Public Health / COVID
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