Keckley Report April 12, 2021
Paul Keckley

Last week, President Biden submitted his proposed FY 2022 budget for discretionary spending in the Federal Government’s 15 departments: healthcare figures prominently in the $1.52 trillion package. Notably, the Department of Health and Human Services $131.7 billion budget request is 23.5% above its FY 2021 allocation (higher than every other department) and the Veterans Administration budget of $113.1 billion is 8.2% above its FY 2021 budget.

This budget comes at a precarious time for the U.S. healthcare industry:

  • The pandemic is NOT in the rear-view mirror as a fourth surge from variants creates angst. Its long-term impact on our frontline workers is unknown.

  • Consumer spending remains 12% below pre-pandemic levels with forecasts for full recovery not...

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Topics: Congress / White House, FDA, Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, HHS, Insurance, Payment Models, Value Based
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