Hospital & Healthcare Management April 14, 2021

With massive vaccination plans all over the world, it seems like we are approaching the end of the unprecedented modern history health crisis. Covid-19 changed the ways we communicate with each other, how we work and live. Thanks to new technologies, we learned that virtual appointments are not only cheaper, more convenient but also just as effective as face-to-face doctor’s visits.

From my experience working in a bespoke software development company, I know digital communication can’t be a substitute for real human interaction, but technological advancements have lots of exciting possibilities to offer. When it comes to healthcare, telemedical services can be especially suitable for vulnerable groups such as people living in remote areas, elderly citizens or quarantined people. The same...

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Topics: Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Physician, Primary care, Provider, Public Health, Technology, Telehealth
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