CIO May 22, 2022
Doug Drinkwater

Director of IT at the out-of-hospital provider of urgent primary care services, Ritchie spoke with on the route he took to become an IT leader and how digital technology is being employed to empower patients to manage their own health care symptoms What are your roles and responsibilities?

My role is the CIO/director of IT/digital innovation at Mastercall Healthcare. I am employed by the C-suite to drive digital transformation forward, ensuring digital initiatives are aligned to the organisation’s business strategy, utilising cutting-edge technology, and reimagining the art of the possible.

Mastercall Healthcare is an award-winning, out-of-hospital provider of urgent primary care services and has just celebrated 25 years in business. 

My role is to support the organisation’s...

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Topics: Health IT, Interview / Q&A, Primary care, Provider, Technology, Trends
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