RevCycle Intelligence April 2, 2021
Jacqueline LaPointe

A new analysis showed that 82% of OPPS hospitals would see net total outpatient payment decreases if HHS reversed significant cuts to 340B drug reimbursement.

Outpatient payments would decrease for the majority of hospitals if HHS reversed a controversial policy reducing 340B drug reimbursement, according to a new Avalere analysis.

The analysis examined complete fee-for-service claims for hospital outpatient departments at 3,454 facilities paid under Medicare’s Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS). The data showed that 82 percent of all OPPS hospitals would see net total payment decreases in 2021 as a result of policy reversal.

The impact of the policy’s reversal would also be greater for rural OPPS hospitals, of which 90 percent would see a net payment decrease.


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