Circle Square March 9, 2021
Dave Lake, Publisher

The Ups and Downs of Digital Health

From the co-editors…

Interoperable EHRs. Epic wins the Best in KLAS overall; 11 years in a row. Google impresses with its Care Studio, an EMR search tool for clinicians that could find a wide audience. Also supporting the trend of alternative EHR user interfaces, Nuance acquires Saykara, a leader in the digital physician assistant segment. Also, Redox, with its focus on EHR APIs, gets a significant boost in funding. EHR access and usability is a common theme.

Analytics. Late-stage funding news dominates the healthcare analytics conversation. These include $750m+ Sema4 SPAC and UiPath Series F, the Signify Health IPO generating >$500m and $105m Series D making Innovaccer the latest digital health...

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