HIT Consultant April 15, 2021
Zach Henderson, Chief Commercial Officer, Glooko

As with so many aspects of our daily lives, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on clinical trials was both widespread and monumental. Thousands of trials—an estimated 80% of non-COVID-19 trials—came to a halt or were interrupted by the pandemic, which challenged the ability to conduct trials safely and effectively and was complicated by the reality that trials often deal with the populations most at risk from COVID-19 exposure1.

In response, clinical researchers turned to a range of solutions to address the effects of the pandemic on trials. And while, in most cases, it’s premature to definitively determine which solutions will outlast the pandemic, probably the most widely used and enduring will be the decentralized model for conducting clinical trials,...

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Topics: Biotechnology, Healthcare System, Patient / Consumer, Pharma, Pharma / Biotech, Provider, Public Health
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