Healthcare IT Today April 15, 2021
John Lynn

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ve probably seen that Colin Hung and myself have been live tweeting the CHIME 2021 Spring Forum event happening this week.  It’s been a well organized event with a number of great insights from healthcare CIOs and a number of vendor speakers including most of the top EHRs.  We’ll be sharing many of those insights in some future articles.

However, today CHIME together with HLTH announced some really exciting news about a new spring event that’s launching in March 2022 called ViVE which will be held in Miami Beach.  The inaugural ViVE event will be held March 6-9, 2022 and brings together the best of CHIME’s CIO Spring Forum with HLTH’s hosted buyer...

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Topics: Conferences / Trade shows, Digital Health, Health IT, Technology, Trends
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