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The Healthcare Industry's First-In-Kind Article Research Hub
The Healthcare Industry's First-In-Kind Article Research Hub
Healthcare News, Trends, and Insights2022-09-09T12:11:13-04:00

Imperatives in Healthcare – A Reflection and 2022 Roadmap Ahead

To Our Valued Readers and Sponsors

We are pleased to announce The Platform for Healthcare Transformation will launch in Q4 2022. It will provide ROH readers with improved search capacity, enhanced publishing opportunity, and new collaboration tools.

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Q&A - The Growing Importance of Pharma Services with Colin Aldridge, Director at TripleTree

Today, RamaOnHealthcare talks with Colin Aldridge, a Director at TripleTree. TripleTree is a healthcare investment bank focused on mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations, and strategic advisory services for innovative, high-growth healthcare technology and services businesses. As a contributing author to TripleTree’s recent report on the outsourced pharma services ecosystem, Colin supports the firm’s new business development, client engagement, and transaction execution activities.

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A Mohan Nair Interview with Rama S Juturu, Founder of RamaOnHealthcare

“There is a fix for Healthcare. The status quo isn’t an option. Disruption is the answer.”

RamaOnHealthcare was formally created 6+ years ago while started the curation work 20+ years ago with a vision to use information better to improve healthcare and patient outcomes. Since then, Rama has curated over 1 million articles and, though there have been improvements, a true transformation has yet to occur. Now, with advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet, our vetting of articles we are in a position to truly disrupt healthcare delivery and improve the lives of patients everywhere.

Rama was fortunate to be interviewed by a leading expert Mohan Nair to discuss these topics and would love to have your feedback and thoughts. Please send your response to:

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